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'Compensation culture is a myth': Claims for work-related injuries

posted on 1 August 2013 | posted in Health and Safety at Work  | ( 0 ) Comments

The Information Daily

'Compensation culture is a myth': Claims for work-related injuries and ...
The Independent
Jim Sheridan MP, who chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group on Occupational Health and Safety, said: "This government... is simply undermining the important issue of health and safety at work. The government's approach to health and safety encourages ...
TUC: Ministers Are Trying To 'Brainwash" Workers Over Health And Safety CultureHuffington Post UK
'Compensation culture" used to justify unethical safety cuts, says TUCThe Information Daily
"Compensation culture" exposed as myth as awards for work-related illness drop
Law on the Web -Workplace Savings & Benefits -TopNews Arab Emirates
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